Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cat As Trophy

I've had some catastrophic relationships with cats in the past, but Pippin and I have a wonderful friendship. Pippin loves me and my sisters. He likes to wrestle and play with Ellie, harass Margot, and he loves to nap with lil' ol' me.

Here he is, getting ready for a big snooze.

And here I am, joining him for a nap.
Pippin was surprised by the presence of a camera. He later told me that he felt it was an inappropriate time for Nina to take photos. I totally disagree. Look at my sultry stare. Priceless.

Pippin is a great snuggler. I love him. He is my trophy cat, if there is such a thing.

Do any of you doxies and doggies out there have any trophy cats?

Hugs & snuggle bugs,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farewell New York!

My trip to New York City was well over a month ago, but life back in California got really busy. You know how it is when you come back from vacation! This will be my last post about my trip and in a few days, I'll be back to blogging about my normal life as a dachshund.

Here I am, sticking my head out of the apartment window. We were on the fourth floor and I liked to stare at the pigeons.

Staring at people walking down the stairs.

Did I mention how much I hate stairs? They're not good for my back either.

One last pose and then I want off the stairs!

Wouldn't this fountain be more beautiful if there was a little statue of me at the top instead of that angel lady? I think so.

A statue of me like this would be very nice.

Relaxing by the fountain and watching more people.

Ducks are boring. They're not even scared of me.

We sat on top of this huge rock in Central Park and watched two newlywed couples get their photos taken.

I'm ready for the stage.

Was that a squirrel? I think I saw a squirrel!

I'll dance for Mr. Frosty's!

The things I do for human food! I didn't even get a lick!

As you can see, we spent a lot of time in Central Park. It was so much fun! I can't wait to visit again.


p.s. If you haven't seen Pixar's new movie "Up", go out and watch it immediately! There are lots of doggies in it. Nina especially liked Dug.