Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunny Florida - Part II

Back home in Northern California, whenever we go to the beach, we are really visiting the "Pacific Ocean". The "Pacific Ocean" water is super salty and murky and green or sometimes brown... It's actually kind of dirty and I always have fun running away from the waves. Where Pony lives in Florida, the beaches are part of something called the "Atlantic Ocean". I've heard it's big and scary, but the water was clean and clear and the day was nice and hot.

Hello, Atlantic Ocean!

It didn't seem too bad but I decided to keep my distance...

That is, until Nina scooped me up and decided she'd give me an impromtu swimming lesson!

These legs were not made for swimming!

I guess only responsible Dachshund owners buy their doxies life vests for swimming.

They let me go and I flipped over like a hot dog in water! What did they expect? This is me being plucked from the water after my body capsized.

Ahh, much better...

I decided I'd admire the ocean from a safe distance... And run away from Nina if she came anywhere near me.

I wonder if there are any gophers in Florida...

Florida, you're not so bad. I think I like you very much.

Hot dog,