Monday, August 24, 2009


This past week Nina and I were left in charge of "sitting" on some bunnies, a house, and two Yorkies. At least, that's what Nina called it... She's not really the brightest angler fish in the sea, because we didn't sit on any of those things. What we did do was sleepover at Max & Ari's house while their Mom and Dad were away on vacation.

Okay everybody! Listen up! I'm in charge now and it's time to get wild!

Max & Ari say its party time!

Time to jam to some Mozart and Beethoven!

Paws down, the best sleepover party ever.

Max & Ari are soooo lucky because they have two bunnies! Two tasty, tasty bunnies.

Oh my dog, you are so cute, I could just eat you up! With butter!

Has anyone ever told you that you smell good? Because you do, bunny. Real good.

If I could just reach you... give you a kiss with my teeth...

Bars and small, furry creatures are synonymous in my world. Someone up there hates me.

In the end, Nina wouldn't let me outside. She said I was harassing the bunnies... and she couldn't stand hearing me shriek like a banshee.

This is my plump friend, Thumper.

And the delicious Snow White.

I'm the fairest in this land,

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sun Day

Today was a sunny day in California. And by sunny, I mean the sun was very angry and beat us down with scorching heat. He scared away every cloud in the sky, so he must have been pretty lonely up there. Serves him right, because I started panting the minute I got up this morning and we don't have any air conditioning. So I did what I do whenever its hot... I slept.

Nina's room is painted a light blue, so although it was really hot, it looks a bit cooler. Don't I look like a precious little angel, sleeping in the clouds? All I need are some wings and a halo. And definitely a harp too.

Here's a quick photo of my sleepy sisters, but that's not important.

What's important is meeee. It is my blog after all.

But we can't forget about Pippin! He's important. Don't worry, our feelings are mutual.

Sweltering and sleeping,