the cast

Doxiementary chronicles the life of ME, Franny, a Miniature Dachshund trying to make sense of this big, strange world. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with the Gang and enjoy blogging about everything "Bay Area", new friends, my adventures, travel, good food, great dog-friendly places, dachshunds, the daily grind, and all things "dog" (and sometimes "cat" - for Pippin's sake).

nina  Female, Human, Long Hair
Nina is my mom who is obsessed with dogs, specifically Dachshunds (But she loves all dogs. And cats, too!). She began this blog in 2007 to document my sassy and impish personality. When she's not being my personal assistant, she's usually exploring the San Francisco Bay Area, eating, painting, sculpting, helping with animal rescue and drawing. And sleeping.

margot  Female, Mini Longhair Dachshund, Chocolate Dapple
Margot is my full-time minion and part-time friend. Her full name is "Margot Poopy Face Tenenbaum". She was named after a character from the movie, The Royal Tenenbaums and also after the ballerina, Margot Fonteyn. Unfortunately, Margot suffers from middle child syndrome and is often described as "weird" or "a freak" by many humans who don't know her very well. She is greatly misunderstood. Margot is very protective of our family, squeals like a piglet to get your attention, and is a recovering poo-poo addict.

ellie  Female, Mini Australian Shepherd, Tri-Color
Ellie is my competition for attention (let the games begin!). She is obsessed with fetching tennis balls and will go absolutely crazy when Nina breaks out the Chuck it! Ellie loves cats and plays with them often. We have an on-going rivalry and I think it's because she is an unhappy minion and is trying to de-throne me (she will never prevail). Ellie is a classic dog - a devoted pet to her human, lives for fetching and running and other mindless activities, and doing whatever she's told. What a boring life! We don't talk much...

pippin  Male, Domestic Shorthair, Orange Tabby
Pippin is a cat who actually likes loves me. We get along stupendously (as evidenced in my blog posts). Pippin is a friendly cat who loves playing with cat nip mousies, napping in high places, and playing with Ellie. He and Ellie may play together, but Pippin and I are snuggle-buddies for life. He and I share a love of mice, birds, and other small prey animals. I love Pippin's toys, but he does not like sharing them with me because I have a tendency to destroy them.

pony Female, Human, Medium Length Hair
Pony's real name is not "Pony". Pony is Nina's older sister who is a Los Angeles transplant, now living in Florida. We used to visit her in Southern California but now have the pleasure of flying cross-country to see her. I love Pony because she loves me and I love Pony because she always lives in places where it's warm and the sun is always shining. And I love Pony because we call her "Pony".