Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Upper West Side

We stayed on the Upper West Side of Manhattan at the apartment of my "One True Love". There are a lot of dogs in NYC and I ran into at least five dachshunds on my first day out and about. Nina walked me around the park in front of the American Museum of Natural History which is just one block away from Vlad's apartment.

No dogs allowed???

Fine. I'm goin'.

Sniff, sniff. I smell a rat or a mouse or something small and furry.

I know you're in there! You can't fool this nose. I'm not leaving until...

Oooh, a pigeon!

West Side till I die,

Monday, April 27, 2009

JetBlue's JetPaws

Nina and I began our journey to New York City at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). We checked-in our luggage with JetBlue and went through security where our bag was searched. I, of course, kissed their suspicions away which they did not appreciate. It really hurt my feelings...

I wanted to walk around the airport, but the security people said I wasn't allowed to. I stayed in my carrier, but I was allowed to stick my head out and sniff a couple people. I also startled a few too! If I could laugh out loud, I would have!

Here I am waiting for my red-eye flight to JFK. I was cranky...

New York City, here I come!

P.S. JetBlue's JetPaws program is pretty cool. This was my first flight and Nina and I were nervous, but we were given a lot of useful information that was very reassuring. Nina was also able to buy me a very nice and affordable pet carrier from them. I was safely tucked under the seat in the cabin and I slept like a baby (most of the time).

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

What is it about Sundays that makes me so sleepy?

And Margot too.




It's nice to be lazy.


Friday, April 24, 2009

San Mateo Shoreline

The weather has been especially nice these past few days, except now it's super cold again. Thankfully we were able to enjoy the warmth while it lasted.

Nina always cleans up our stinky poo-poo!

There are birds in the grass, I just know it.

I wonder what Ellie sees.

It sucks not being able to chase birds.

This is a poster of the air traffic for the San Francisco International Airport.

Next week I'll be up in the sky, flying on an airplane. I'm going to NEW YORK CITY!

Gimme paw,

Sunday, April 19, 2009

In and Out

If you're ever in California, make sure to stop by an In and Out Burger. They have the best fast food hamburgers in the whole wide world. After a day at the beach, we always stop by the drive-thru. I always score a few french fries and sometimes a piece of hamburger. My favorite part is smelling all the wonderful smells and greeting the people in the window.

I'll take forty hamburgers, thank you very much.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Golden Gate Fields

On the first Sunday of this month I competed in the Golden Gate Fields First Annual Doxie Derby. I raced in the 5th heat. There aren't any pictures of me actually racing, but I can tell you that I didn't really race. In fact, I didn't even run. As soon as the gates opened, I sauntered to the sidelines and watched the other doxies zoom by.

Do I look like I want to race?

Thirsty racer.

The Doxie Derby took place between the real horse races.

This was the doxie that won in the 5th heat. He kind of looks like me!

The San Francisco skyline.

Hurry, I want to go home now!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crissy Field

The weather has been nice which means... Field Trip! Crissy Field Trip, to be exact.

Look at me fly!

Action shot.

A nice walk on the beach...

View of the bay. Can you see Alcatraz? What about the blimp?

Bet you didn't know I fetch sticks!

Margot likes to dig, dig, dig.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the outdoors!