Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Drumroll, please...

And the Green Doxie Award goes to...

trickponies & Ammo

Ammo the Dachshund wears an eco-friendly collar made from a re purposed grain sack (www.handmadegreen.com). He recycles all of his dog food cans, and uses biodegradable bags to pick up his "mess". Ammo's dog bed duvet cover is from mollymutt.com and its stuffed with old blankets and clothes that are past their prime.

He also works in my custom framing shop daily, where he helps me donate all of our matboard scraps to local elementary schools for art projects. We also REUSE or RECYCLE almost everything. From cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, kraft paper, etc. We also always save customer's old picture frames to be spray painted and made into cork boards. We even save tomato sauce jars to store screws and nails in at the shop. And Ammo made sure we sell the book "Eco Dog" (about how your dog can be eco) in our shop!

Good Luck to everyone on being Eco-friendly with your dogs!! There is a lot we can do!

Please email your shipping address to nina@doxiementary.com to claim your prize!

It was a tie between trickponies and hernewdeal. So our Green friend, Scott had to toss a coin to decide the winner. Thank you, hernewdeal for being so green!

Any little eco-friendly thing you do is a big step towards a greener future. We just want to thank everyone for participating and for thinking and being green!