Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Margot's Blogging Debut

Doxiementary is about me, Franny, Queen of Everything. But for the next two weeks, Margot, my minion, will be blogging. Why? Well, ask Nina. She has decided to take Margot on vacation with her instead of me! Preposterous, I say! She mentioned the word "fair", but in this case, I think it's UNfair. Really unfair...

I guess because I got to go to New York last time, I'll let Margot enjoy herself just this once. Margot gets to go to Florida AND New York. And because Margot has always taken the back seat on Doxiementary, I guess it's only "fair" to let her be in the spotlight for a minute.

So, I guess I'll be seeing you folks in two weeks!

Smell you later,

P.S. I really wanted to go to Florida... Please send hate mail to: nina@doxiementary.com


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Santa Cruz

Once upon a time (about TWO weeks ago, to be exact. Right, Nina?)... We all drove down to Santa Cruz for a day of good ole fun in the sun.

There was a lot of seaweed. And there were so many unsuspecting people laying out on their towels, sunbathing. Little did they know that their cancer-soaking activity would be disturbed by dachshund kisses. And little did I know that they wouldn't be very happy about it. At all.

Margot and I had so much fun chasing each other down the beach. Margot is trying to run away from me here, but I'm way too fast. I strategically chomped down on her ear to slow her down. If there was audio, Margot would be screaming. And if this photo was a wide shot, you'd see people staring. HEEHEEHEE.

Margot attempts to surprise-attack me from behind the heap of seaweed! Too bad her pea-brain could never outwit my superior walnut-brain!

Margot cools down while I investigate the strange smells coming from that weird, green thingy.

Okay, I think there are squirrels up there. If I could just climb up...

Sometimes I despise my short legs and long body.

So much for climbing. Now its time to wander off.
Do I hear Nina calling my name? Me thinks not.

Ellie looks crazy. Maybe that's because she is, looney tunes.

Ellie is pooped from fetching her ball all day.

The End.
Nina made a sand dog. Can you see his rump?

till next time,