Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Day of Rest

With having to go to work every day, getting ready for the move and Margot's mishap (entirely Nina's fault), we haven't had a day of rest in a loooong time. SO FINALLY, A DAY OF REST HAS COME.

Nina has decided to stop everything for one day and just hangout with yours truly!

Well, not just me. Together we are all enjoying our last few days in the East Bay.

Sisterly love.

Group photo of me, Margot, Ellie, and Nina's leg! Take a look at Nina's pajama pants. They have Dachshunds all over.


Tip/Trick from Nina: The things you can accomplish with a piece of stale left-over bacon are endless.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Car Accident

This morning, like every morning, we all got in the car to leave for work. Nina started the car to begin the defrosting process (because even in California the weather is cold and the car gets icy). While she was waiting for the car to warm-up, she remembered she forgot her cell phone in the house, so she got out of the car to get her phone and as she closed the door, Margot tried to jump out.

Poor little Margot got hit by the car door. She cried and whined and we were very worried. She wouldn't eat, was very depressed and didn't want to walk.

The Doc took some x-rays to make sure nothing was broken or fractured.

The Doc said she has a clean bill of health! She's sore and bruised but with a little rest and TLC, she should be back to her normal self in a jiffy.

Margot is getting lots of hugs, kisses, tasty food and way too much attention if you ask me... Are you superstitious? I think this all happened because Margot's 1st Birthday is this Friday... Friday the 13th!

Drive safely,

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This year on "Doxiementary"...

Franny's adventures continue, taking place in a different part of the San Francisco Bay Area, and with a whole new cast of characters.

ME, the star of this blog, always and forever.

My doxie sister who is a recovering poo-eater and lawn-destroyer.

My kitten brother who we adopted last year into our family. He had a myriad of health problems and we got him all better! He's a cat who actually likes me!

Ellie is our newly adopted baby sister. She came to us needing some love and a new family. We just couldn't say "no".

UPDATES: Because it would take me 78 hours to type one post with my paws, Nina helps me with my blog. Our avid readers may have noticed that Nina has not been helping me, and this blog has not been getting updated. Hopefully we will update in a more timely manner. In the mean time, I wanted to share with everyone what has been going on!

First, we're MOVING! We live in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area but we are now moving to the Peninsula. How cool is that? Because our family has reached its maximum capacity, we're moving to a pet-friendlier place closer to Nina's work.

We've been extremely busy preparing for our move, but in the beginning of January, we visited Pony for the very last time at her Los Angeles home. She moved to Florida a few weeks ago so our trips to LA are no more. I hope one day I will be able to visit her in Florida and see my cousin Lucky again (and eat his poo).

Lastly, I want to thank all my friends who continue to leave comments on my blog! I'll find a way to thank you better.

Yours truly,