Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm Not an Early Bird

... I'm a dachshund! Every morning Nina's alarm goes off and she starts to get ready for work. She doesn't wake up bright and early, she wakes up even earlier, when it's still dark outside! In my book, that's way too early. Doesn't she know that I need my beauty sleep? I stay in bed for as long as possible. I make Nina get me out of bed herself and carry me to the car.

Do I look like I'm ready to wake-up? Now turn off that light.

Okay, okay. Five more minutes...

Dozing off,


Ruby said...

How cute Franny. I'm that way too.
15 minutes before my mom has to leave for work, she forces me to go outside to do business. Then treats & back to bed.

Love Ruby

mini said...

I no dont thy get it! We ned sleep!

Andra said...

When mommy alarm gets up we run outside to do stuff. Then we jump back into bed before mom can make it. Then she always says, "Eat your breakfast." We think she is just trying to get us out of bed!!
-Luke and Liesel

Alli said...

Where do you go early in the morning? Do you get to go to work with your mommy? Or do you go to play with some other doggies during the day?

Lorenza said...

Hi, Franny!
I am not either!
My mom goes to work at 7:15 am and at that time she takes me with my grandparents. When she leaves I go to sleep with my grandma!
Kisses and hugs

Preston said...

I sleep in too, Franny! haha! Mommy said that sleepy face looks familiar..she sees it almost every day! well..except on weekends!! It is my job to wake mommy up on the weekend.
You are too cute!



Hi Franny,

You do look sleepy. I like to get up early when the Mommy gets up, run outside to do my business and then I run back inside and climb my ramp back to the Mommy's bed. Sometines I don't get up again until I hear the Mommy getting my breakfast ready. After I have my breakfast, I go back to bed when the Mommy goes to work. I have to be ready to play when the Mommy gets back home.

Love ya lots.....Mona

Ruby said...

Hi Franny
I just stopped by to see if your awake yet.
Love Ruby


Hey Franny....where are you? Are still asleep? I miss ya.

(((huggies)))....Mona & thr Mommy too!!