Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cat As Trophy

I've had some catastrophic relationships with cats in the past, but Pippin and I have a wonderful friendship. Pippin loves me and my sisters. He likes to wrestle and play with Ellie, harass Margot, and he loves to nap with lil' ol' me.

Here he is, getting ready for a big snooze.

And here I am, joining him for a nap.
Pippin was surprised by the presence of a camera. He later told me that he felt it was an inappropriate time for Nina to take photos. I totally disagree. Look at my sultry stare. Priceless.

Pippin is a great snuggler. I love him. He is my trophy cat, if there is such a thing.

Do any of you doxies and doggies out there have any trophy cats?

Hugs & snuggle bugs,


Elizabeth said...

The middle photo is priceless and Pippin does look a little peeved--like you interrupted a very private moment!

Lorenza said...

Looks like your and Pippin get along pretty well!
Kisses and hugs

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Franny
You and Pippin look so sweet together.
We have 2 cats at home. We like to tortue them. They only get close enough to spank or hiss at us.
Love Ruby & Penny

Emily and Nestle said...

OMG That is so cute!!! Franny, you are so adorable! And so lucky to have a "trophy cat". Mommy and I don't get to have a kitty here in Georgia. But we visit Granny's kitties a lot back home in Alabama :) Boo cat will humor me, and bathe me, but eventually he gets tired of my cold nose. The other two don't care for me. One day I want a kitty of my own (and sweet photos of us cuddling! 8-D
Love your blog! Big Fan,
Nestle (and mommy Emily from Georgia)

Twix said...

Hi, nice to meet you! I would NEVER be caught napping with a C.A.T. You sure are a pretty girl. I've added you to my "More Wiener Dog Blogs" and started following you so I can keep up on your adventures.
Love and hugs,

Twix said...

Franny, I have an award for you on my blog. Please stop by and pick it up.
Love and hugs,