Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Franny's 3rd Birthday

My Third Birthday was on Wednesday, July 22nd. It was a weekday, which meant that Nina was busy with work. My actual birthday was nothing special and I was sad that I didn't have a party. But on Sunday, Nina took me to San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and we had a birthday picnic with all my friends!

It's my birthday and I'll whine if I want to! I'm now 3 years old!

These paper flowers are pretty, but they're also annoying.

Margot is wondering why she's not getting any pretty flowers.

This is the best day of the entire year!

Yummy cupcake. And it's my favorite color!

That was deeelicious!

My guests are wondering when they're getting their cupcakes...

Here they come!

Maximus thinks those cupcakes smell good.

Ari is enjoying his first doggie cupcake. He's only 5 months old.

Chuchi & Minnie don't mind sharing.

The cupcakes were so tasty!

The end to a wonderful birthday party! Even though many passersby laughed at us, it didn't spoil the fun. And they were probably just jealous!


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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Awesome pics!! Love them!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Franny!
Happy Birthday!
Glad you had a pawesome celebration with your friends!
Kisses and hugs

Ruby and Penny said...

Happy Birthday Franny.
What a great birthday bash. Wish we could have joined you.
Love Ruby & Penny

Alicia said...

Happiest 3rd Birthday, pretty Frannie! We hope you have many more.

Oskar in Alabama (4 year old black/tan smooth who also gets "crazy eyes" at evil, furry squirrels and bunnies)

Twix said...

Franny, it looks like you had a great birthday party. Don't give your mom a hard time about not having the party on your day....waiting just makes it last longer. I wish I could have made it to the party. You have lots of friends. Those photos are some of your best ever! They made Mom laugh.
Love and hugs,

La Chileng├╝ita said...

Franny, I'm curious as to what kind of cupcakes you had on your birthday? Special doggie ones? How special!!! Feliz Cumplea├▒os (as we say here in Chile) and sorry that it's a bit late...I'm new to the doggie blogs :)

Joey and Maggie said...

Those photos were great! Hope you had a happy happy happy happy birthday!

Preston the Puggle said...

Hello Franny,

Happy belated birthday. awww..your doggie cupcakes look so yummy (and cute). It seems like you had a great birthday picnic. Great pictures!

Enjoy the summer!


Kendra said...

I found this blog by accident and i love it! I'm a doxie owner as well and she is just the cutest ever!