Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Silly & Random

Well, Nina's a big fat liar. She said she'd help me blog, but her excuse is that she has been too busy. It's always the same lame excuse. And when she's busy, that means our lives are boring. Really boring. So here are some never before seen photos for now... sigh

Ah, I remember Chrissy Field! We haven't been there in forever... Ahem. Nina was trying to take a regal photo of me in front of the Golden Gate Bridge and Margot ruined it by taking a dump. How could she?

I love to sleep and Margot loves to sleep. But Margot likes sleeping on her back. When she sleeps on her back she has crazy dreams where she starts barking and whining. She wakes us up in the middle of the night because of it. Maybe she needs therapy.

Margot and Pippin have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes they get frisky and chase each other and wrestle. Other times, Margot bothers Pippin by trying to hump him. And sometimes Pippin will jump on Margot and bite her neck like a vampire until she screams. They were much nicer to each other when they were both younger.

I was so much happier in the summertime. Now it's cold and I'm always burrowing under the covers.

This is the classic "dachshund as gopher" pose. This is what we doxies do when we want something.

Margot and I play rather viciously. I think we scare people with our teeth and with all the growling and barking. But this is love!

Here we are playing "Following the Leader". I'm the leader. Margot is the follower. Hee hee.

See you on Turkey Day!


alicia said...

We're so happy to see Franny and Margot again! I can't wait to read about Margo's travel adventures and everything that Franny did to keep herself busy during the trip.
I feel for Nina. I'm sure she isn't big, or fat, or a liar. She likely has 30 hours of stuff to get done in a day.

Write again soon!


Franny!! I've missed you so much!! and Margot to but mainly my lottle friend. How you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and please don't stay away so long again.

Frankie Furter, a longhairded dachsie had us tell or adoption stories yesterday...I did and hyesterday a horsie tried to eat me...really.

I love you so much {{{huggies}}}Mona

kalyxcorn said...

oh it's been too long! Love seeing all the pups!


Chewie said...

I love all the recent photos! I left you an award on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Come back Frannie and Margot--we miss you! Tail wags, your east coast cousins, Kate & Allie

Alicia said...

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, Franny, Margot and friends!

Happy New Year to you all!!

Joey and Maggie said...

Prosit Neujahr!

OceanDreams said...

Your Doxie is darling, I thought I would come by since I love Doxies too!

Yours Faithfully said...

Amazing pictures!

Emily and Nestle said...

Love reading your blog, hoping you got lots and lots of prezzies for christmas! Misses hearing from you miss frannie!!

Puggle Preston said...

we are glad you are back. we miss you and the pretty pictures Nina takes.
so sorry to hear about Nina's breakup. Please give her a big kiss from Preston the Puggle.
We hope you all have a wonderful 2010!

Hannalei said...

Oh my gosh ... the Golden Gate photo utterly priceless. It's ok Franny... I didn't even notice it until I read what you wrote and did a double take. :)