Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm Not Dead

What happened to you? Where did you go?
Nothing. Nowhere.

What were you doing? Why weren't you blogging?
Nothing. No reason.

What really happened to us? I guess we were hibernating*. And it sucked! I suddenly became just an ordinary dachshund. (like Margot). I became depressed. I felt like I was dead to the world... but not anymore.

I would like to announce that from this day forward, Doxiementary shall commence blogging at the same rate of yesteryear.

with love,

*hi-ber-nate (verb): in the winter months, when a human becomes too lazy to blog for their beloved pet; borderline animal cruelty


Jake and Micah said...

We've missed you! But we've fallen down on the job of blogging too lately. :)

Adventureweiner said...

Good because we just found your blog and want to read about what you are up to lately :)

Alicia said...

Happy happy joy joy!! It is so good to hear that all is fine, and you look beautiful as ever. Even Margot looks very pretty.
Happy spring y'all!

Lorenza said...

I am very happy to see you two again!
Happy First Day of Spring!
And I will be waiting for your posts!
Kisses and hugs

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee, i love hearing from u, even if it is only every once in a while. we all have things to do, don't we? :) b