Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Diabolical & Delicious

If you've never read this blog, you may still may have heard that I love hating squirrels. These diabolical little furballs are disguised to look cute, but in reality, they are evillllllll. If I could climb trees, they'd be dinner. And breakfast. And lunch. And even brunch! Since I haven't found a way to climb trees just yet, this guy will suffice in the meantime.

This one looks so much tastier than this yummy guy I devoured a few months ago.

How many more photos do you need before I can eat this thing???

Hmm. Heads or tails? Maybe tails...

Nope! I'll just start with the head. Chomp.

Off with your tasty little head!

Your trusty Neighborhood Squirrel Watcher,


kalyxcorn said...

oooh so lucky! :) b

Anonymous said...

That lookd like a very tasty squirrel Franny.

Alicia said...

Oskar would love to sample such a tasty looking treat, and the squirrel shape is bonus! You look adorable waiting for that first bite.

nola said...
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nola said...

Hi Franny! My name is Nola and my mom and I love your blog and wish you'd update more ofter!
Tail wags,