Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Franny Delights Over...

I want to tell you about my favorite treats! I found these at a local pet boutique and ever since I gave them a try, they have become my absolute favorite! I know that may not be saying much since I will eat just about anything...

FYI: This product review is from my pure, honest-to-Dog love for these treats. There is no incentive other than spreading the word of Daisy's Delights' tasty goodness.

My favorite cookies from the Daisy's Delights line: peanut butter polkadots

Even Margot drools over these babies.

Hypnotized by a cookie... Anything for a cookie. Anything!

Is this making you hungry?
Craving a cookie?

Well, we want to share this delicious treat with you because...

1. They are that good! (in my opinion)

2. They are not readily available online and I'm not sure where exactly you can find them where you live.

You can visit their website for more info: Daisy's Delights

Leave a comment telling us about your favorite treat!

We will use this doohickey to pick a winner on Wednesday, September 7th.



Elizabeth said...

I am too lazy to get up and see what the official name of the treat is, but I recently bought some kind of bacon flavored crunchy treat for Lulu and she is crazy for them. In fact, I had to put the bag in the fridge because otherwise she spends all night in the kitchen staring up at the counter, crying for more!

Alicia said...

The favorite right now is Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance L.I.T. cookie in the Venison & Sweet Potato flavor, but the other favors are really good too. Otherwise, there is this stuff my family calls "cheese" that they keep in a big box in the food room, and I like when they get that out, cause I make my hungry face and sometimes they give me some!
I hope you find some sweet pup to send these treats to, but we have a girl here who is too allergic to peanut butter to have it in the house, so good luck to the other deserving dogs!

Maybe someone will make squirrel or bunny flavor cookies soon...


Amy said...

Hi Franny:) My mom & I love your blog, & mom says she just LOVES that first pic of you, you look sooo happy about the cookie to come:) My favorite treats (besides Cheerios) are the Classic Cream Cookies from our local Three Dog Bakery. Actually anything from there is really good, but the Peanut Butter Cream Cookies are to-die-for!! If only I knew how to play dead, maybe I could get more of them:)

Happy blogging!
*Jasper (& his mom Amy)

Ammo the Dachshund said...


Just kidding, but then again....

Actually I'm a super fan of Hot Dogs! (and no not just because I'm a dachshund). I don't care what's in them, but they are yum yum.

Amy said...

P.S. I think your really pretty:)


Lindsay said...

My real favoritiez treat though is bits of burger and lettuce that has special sauce ons it from In N Out (or magic meat palace as I call it - they turn paper and plastic bits into BURGERS! best magic ever!) but my mommy and I just moveded to upstate New Yorks and so no magic meat palace here.

I do really likes Canyon Creek Ranch Chicken Tenders - they are basically jerky. Mom says they are good because they are hi in proteinz. And I likes Banana and Peanut Butter Gooberlicious treats.

Also, I am a big fans of your blog!

(and my Mom, who typeded for me)

Hanna at Dog Products said...

Our favorite treats are Charlie Bears but sometime our mommy lets us like her peanut butter spoon and we love that too.

Since you introduced these Peanut Butter Polkadots, mommy promised to get some for us next time she goes out shopping. They sound SOOOOO delicious, we can’t wait!

Udi and Yumbo
(Hanna’s Shih Tzu boys)

Anonymous said...

Hi Franny. Our favorite treats are Zuke's Power Bones. They give us lots of energy for our adventures. When laying around at home they are a little too much though. We are always on the lookout for other yummy treats.

Daisy said...

Hi cute Franny! We're thrilled that our all natural peanut butter polka dots are your favorite treat! They have a unique light crunchy texture, lots of peanut butter & chopped peanuts that makes them a popular favorite. You can buy them and many of our 40 other delightful treats in SF at SusieCakesBakery on Chestnut St, CatnipandBones on Chestnut, all George stores, and all BowWowMeow locations. Tell them we sent you! If you have a favorite store that does not carry them let us know.

Any questions about our treats? Send us a note to or visit us on twitter

Our web store is coming soon.

PB kisses to you and your humans!

Daisy's Delights®