Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Only Kind of Bath I Like

The weather in the Bay Area is odd (normal by our standards). It's hot then cold then hot then cold then cold then hot! I complain a lot about the weather here because I prefer the SUN and WARMTH, which is unpredictable and undependable. I'm trying to convince Nina to let me live with Pony in Florida where it's paradise. How do I cope with this "summer" weather? Well, on cold days when the wind is blowing but the sun is still shining, I stay inside and sunbathe with Margot.

Ahh... this is nice.


We are getting sleepy...

Very, very sleepy.


Warm dogs,


Alicia said...

You girls are just livin' the life, aren't you. Happy dreams!


Anonymous said...

I thougth you lived in California? Sounds like Washington weather to me :)

Hanna at Dog Products said...

I know exactly what you mean about the unpredictability of the weather we are having in California but I guess it’s not much better anywhere else.

My two Shih Tzu boys actually don’t like to sunbathe. As a matter of fact, we have a window seat in the living room which is their favorite spot in the house because it gives them the opportunity to observe all that is happening in the neighborhood. But when the sun comes flooding in, they scamper to another shady place.

However, they never miss the opportunity to take a snooze.

Anonymous said...

doxies such do love their sunbathing...i love it! cute doxies :) (i have quite a handsome one myself)

Robin said...

Awwww, there's nothing like a warm spot in the sun! So cute, hope they are snuggling up in this cold weather we are having!