Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Uh Oh

Sometimes I can't help myself from shredding a fresh roll of toilet paper.

Cowering after being scolded for my misdeed.
It was so worth it.

Doing what I do best,


lifelessons said...

My weeinie used to to that all the time. Except she would go for Kleenex... said...

C'mon. Toilet paper? Go for the real goods like socks and underwear. Ha. ha. When Chester was a puppy I think I had to buy new underwear every month. Oh well, kept me from hanging on to the old, ratty panties :)

Amy said...

Jasper likes to pull it out of the garbage canin the bathroom & shred it to pieces:)

Alicia said...

Oskar thinks that you look really pretty when you cower. Misdeed, nah! It isn't as if you ruined a pair of shoes, you know.

Hanna at Dog Products said...

I honestly don’t understand what the attraction to tissue paper is but then I’m not as smart as those dogs.

My 2 Shih Tzu boys love nothing more than toilet and tissue paper which is actually quite similar in texture, etc. If I ever leave the bathroom door open, I can guarantee that the entire house will be covered in what looks like large snowflakes. Likewise, if a box of tissues is left unattended within their reach, shreds will end up all over the place. And more than that, one of my boys, has learned to dig into my pockets in search of tissues and then he even eats some of it.

Franny said...

@lifelessons: boxes of kleenex are so much fun! I love pulling one tissue out after another after another after another... Nina keeps them out of reach :( I gave Nina heck with destroying things on the floor so now, she can only blame herself if she leaves underwear or socks on the floor. I also enjoy chewing pens and leaving ink stains on the carpet and on myself.

@Amy: Jasper is awesome! :)

@Alicia: Thank you, Oskar! Funny, the only thing I don't chew are shoes!

@Hanna at Dog Products: tissues are just too much fun! Tissue-shredding is possibly the best game for us little dogs.

K. said...

Hi! We just came across this blog! Your pups are really cute and your photos are beautiful!