Monday, January 23, 2012


Our domain expired without our knowledge. We had it on automatic renewal but with an expired credit card on file... So... is now a stupid blog about Twilight.  Or something else. We're not sure and frankly, we're much too upset to even read it. ::SIGH::


The future of this blog seems a little bleak... We're not sure of what to do.

nina + franny

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Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner said...

Hi Franny. My computer crashed and I lost my Blog Feeds. I added them back from memory and forgot to add yours! Then I come to visit to find THIS :(

It's a good reminder. My credit card expired too and I need to get off my butt to update it. I think you should just get a new domain name and keep going! Something like "MyDoxiementary". I checked and that domain name is available.

I understand how something like this can take the blogging steam out but we would LOVE to see you stick around

PS...I am considering a road trip that will take me through San Fran. I would love to meet up!