Sunday, December 23, 2007

Driving to Los Angeles

The drive down to Los Angeles from the SF Bay Area was B-O-R-I-N-G! I got to sleep on Nina's lap for half of the drive, but after a quick stop for gas and a potty break for me, I was banished to the backseat. I made many failed attempts to get to the front of the car. Nina kept pushing me back and telling me that it was too diffcult to drive with me in her lap. That didn't stop me from trying for the rest of the drive.

I was relieved and super excited when we finally got to Pony's house. Nina took me for a quick jog around the neighborhood so I could "do my business" before we went inside. I still peed on the carpet.

Our Room! It has a surfer/Hawaiian theme. There's even a surfboard pillow and a pineapple candle.

This is Lucky, the dog-intolerant Cat. He doesn't like me at all. Every time I get near him, he swipes at me with his claw-less paws. He's gotten a few good hits and I scream in fear. Is it because I dig through his litterbox?

Smell you later,

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