Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beach Day

Today we spent the day at Fort Funston. This time we walked down the steep sand trail to the beach. It was such a nice day and the water looked so blue.

My favorite place to dig is at the beach.

I'll never go in there...

I smell something fishy.

Look at all the paw prints.

Did you go swimming, my friend?

I'm rock climbing!

Time to walk up the sand trail... I'm already tired! Can't you put down the camera and carry me?

Finally at the top and exhausted. I can't believe Nina made me walk up with my short legs.

Time for a nice long nap,

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Hi Franny,

Looks loke you had a wonderful weekend too!! We had so much fun at the Dachsie's house yesterday and Saturday at Jody's house. We knew everybofy wanted to see that Sammy and Roxie were OK so we posted about them first. Today, the Mommy & I are just going to wash clothes and sleep all day but the Mommy will do a post about Jody sometime today.

I wish I could have gone to the beach with you -- it looks like so much fun.

LOVE ya ...Mona