Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Am A Murderer

I killed this baby bird who fell out of its nest.

The bird was hopping around the backyard and of course I had to attack. I just couldn't help it! It's in my blood. Nina knows I have a strong prey drive but she was still shocked when I pounced on the bird, chomped down its frail body, and started to shake it violently. The bird had a foul (no pun intended) taste which was apparent by the expression on my face. I dropped the bird and sniffed it one last time to make sure it was good and dead. Then I went about my day, prancing around the lawn.

Bye-Bye Birdie,


Lorenza said...

Ooops! Poor birdie!
Kisses and hugs


Oh my goodness Franny, you killed that little birdie...don't feel to bad, that's that just what we was trained to do--HUNT. Yesterday Harley killed a frog and that was really nasty. Which of my friends do you have a crush on....I could put a good word in for you.

Love ... Mona