Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Car Accident

This morning, like every morning, we all got in the car to leave for work. Nina started the car to begin the defrosting process (because even in California the weather is cold and the car gets icy). While she was waiting for the car to warm-up, she remembered she forgot her cell phone in the house, so she got out of the car to get her phone and as she closed the door, Margot tried to jump out.

Poor little Margot got hit by the car door. She cried and whined and we were very worried. She wouldn't eat, was very depressed and didn't want to walk.

The Doc took some x-rays to make sure nothing was broken or fractured.

The Doc said she has a clean bill of health! She's sore and bruised but with a little rest and TLC, she should be back to her normal self in a jiffy.

Margot is getting lots of hugs, kisses, tasty food and way too much attention if you ask me... Are you superstitious? I think this all happened because Margot's 1st Birthday is this Friday... Friday the 13th!

Drive safely,


Elizabeth said...

Aw--I am so glad she is okay. There is nothing worse than seeing them in pain.

Ruby said...

Hi Franny
Poor little Margot. I hope she's feeling better soon. Give her & your Nina lots of kisses they need them.
Love Ruby

Ben said...

Wow. I was really worried from the start there especially since we've come very close to the same thing happening in our camp.

So glad that everyone is okay and thanks for posting the cool x-ray pics!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Franny!
Poor Margot! Thankfully she is ok!
Kisses and hugs are the best med!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Joey and Maggie said...

Poor Margot! That had to hurt. It was hard to read this story to finally get to the part that she is OK. Sending lots of warm dachshund wishes your way.