Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Margot!

Margot Poopy-Face is 2 years old today! Hard to believe she used to look like this:

I was cuter!

She was really annoying as a puppy - always following me around!

She's all grown up now and no longer a puppy... which means I can beat her up without getting in trouble!

Oh, Margot. Thank Dog you're cute.



Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday, Margot!
I am sure you had a pawesome day!
Kisses and hugs

Shawn said...

Happy Barkday Margot!!! from: Cocoa, Jill, & Matilda

Alicia said...

Happiest Birthday Margot! Did you have a pink cupcake and pretty paper flowers? You are still very cute and Franny is so adorable too!


kalyxcorn said...

happy birthday margot! what a face!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! You have grown up beautifully!!!!
Tell mom it's ok to be sad about her breakup and we are thinking about her and hope she is doing ok.

Allison Schubert

wrbeckett said...

Happy birthday, and what a beautiful dog!

wrbeckett said...

also, evolutions pets has a wonderful dog shampoo that for Doxies hair which has a bit higher ph level than most dogs!

Anonymous said...

More Franny and Margot!!!!
Hope you are okay!

Your hot-dog sister friends on the East Coast, Kate & Allie

Lucky Animal said...

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