Friday, April 16, 2010


Are you a Green Doxie? I HOPE SO!

In celebration of Earth Day, I'm going to bestow the ultimate of ultimate awards to a deserving Green Doxie! It's literally a green doxie (along with some treats, toys, & other goodies, of course)!

Now, you don't have to be a doxie to participate. You can be a Yorkie, Pug, Shih-Tzu, or a Yorkie/Pug/Shih-Tzu Mix! As long as you can post a comment explaining how or listing all the ways you are "green", you're welcome to join in on the fun!

Here's an example: I make sure Nina uses biodegradable plastic bags to pick-up my poop.

You can also list other things like how your human recycles or rides a bike to work.

Comments must be posted by April 21st on THIS post!

The winner will be chosen by our very GREEN friend, Scott.

The winner will be announced on April 22nd, Earth Day!

Good luck!


trickponies said...

Hi Franny!

Ammo the Dachshund wears an eco-friendly collar made from a re purposed grain sack( He recycles all of his dog food cans, and uses biodegradable bags to pick up his "mess". Ammo's dog bed duvet cover is from and its stuffed with old blankets and clothes that are past their prime.

He also works in my custom framing shop daily, where he helps me donate all of our matboard scraps to local elementary schools for art projects. We also REUSE or RECYCLE almost everything. From cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, kraft paper, etc. We also always save customer's old picture frames to be spray painted and made into cork boards. We even save tomato sauce jars to store screws and nails in at the shop. And Ammo made sure we sell the book "Eco Dog" (about how your dog can be eco) in our shop!

Good Luck to everyone on being Eco-friendly with your dogs!! There is a lot we can do!

Kyley from said...

What a fun challenge!

Our two dachshunds eat only organic, free range foods--we don't buy any special dog things for them. We just repurpose things we no longer need. Our old towels become their bed lining and blankets. We use a doggie 'litter box' rather than use pee pads which can have toxic materials and tend not to biodegrade. When we go on walks, we bring our corn created plastic potty bags, and do our best to use just one for both of them. Speaking of walks, they keep us in shape by getting us outside-this requires no exercise equipment or anything else that could potentially end up in a landfill. We become very conscious of trash we're throwing away, because they WILL get into it! This has made us more aware of what we bring in, and we've made big strides in reducing that. We choose not to have a car to reduce our output, so the pups have learned to handle public transportation with some grace, but you know how dachshunds are!

Most importantly, they serve as electricity free space heaters during the cold Massachusetts winter. We love them for that, and SO much more!

I think I've written enough!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Franny!
Some of the things my mom does are...
avoiding disposable batteries.
She refuses the plastic carrier bags
She only prints when she really needs to and most of the time she uses both sides of the paper...
She separates the garbage.
She uses her car during the week because her work place is far far away from our house but on weekends, she forgets she has a car... walkies are the best!
Kisses and hugs

kalyxcorn said...

hmm, I often upcycle clothes and sweaters to make dapper doxie duds.. what else..we use only cloth napkins at home and haven't bought paper napkins like, since the 80s...we turn down the thermostat in winter and get under the covers with a toasty doxie bedwarmer...

DoDo and MoMo said...

Hi Franny,

We lost ya blog link due to a revamped. ^^