Monday, September 22, 2008

LA Adventure

Unfortunately, Nina forgot her camera on several occasions. Please blame her for the lack of photographic documentation of our travels and adventures in Los Angeles. The only time Nina did remember to bring her photo-box, was when we spent the day in Santa Monica. We walked down the Third Street Promenade and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway, through Santa Monica and up towards Malibu. The weather was beautiful. It's just too bad dogs aren't allowed on most beaches.

So pretty!

Is this supposed to be my close-up?

Margot rides safely in a crate while I get to sit in Nina's lap in the front seat!


Some pretty houses on the hill.

It's hot and sunny in Los Angeles.



Ruby said...

Hi Franny

You look like your having a good time on your travels. Nina should have put so pretty under your photo too.

Is Margot your sister?

Love Ruby


Hi Franny,

Looks like you had a great time on your travels. We are so behind reading everbodys blogs since old IKE took for lights away for more than a week so thw Mommy said we gotta catchuo this weekend.

I've missed you soo much.

Love ya Mona