Monday, September 1, 2008

For The Dogs

Nina recently got a job where she has to work longer hours. I wasn't used to her being gone for so long during the day that I've been pretty upset and lonely. Luckily, I am now allowed to go to work with her!

I needed a comfy bed to sleep and lounge in at work, so Nina bought me a new hoodie bed that I absolutely love! Being a dachshund, I love to burrow under blankets. This pita-pocket (or whatever you want to call it) bed is perfect for me!

It's so comfortable, I'm falling asleep in it already.


Before I forget, we got it from here.

Sleep tight,


Lorenza said...

Hi, Franny!
Sure is pawesome you can go to work with Nina!
Your bed is great!
You are right. I love to be under covers all the time.
Kisses and hugs

Le Mops said...

I already sent mah mama to buy dat bed! never can have too many! I'm glad you get to go to work now. Being alone is so terriblee!
Le Mops

Ben said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures!

Thanks so much for the link!

Preston said...

aww..that hoodie bad is awsome! Exactly what I need..but they don't have a bigger size for chubby dogs..this not fair!
You look very cute in your hoodie bed, Franny. My mommy loves For The Dogs's site.


Emily said...

You ALWAYS make me smile! Love the new bed, and thanks SO much for the recipe...I even watched the short video of you digging in the sand, and LOOK AT YOU GO!
Big fan,
Emily in Georgia, and Nestle the Choc. Dappy Girl ;)


Hi my little friend,

I wish I could go with the Mommy to work. She has been working all kinds of OT & I mis her alot. Is there room in that bed for me too? It looks so comfortable.

LOve ya lots.....Mona