Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pet Expo

Today was the last day of the San Mateo Pet Expo. Nina and I had a lovely time browsing the different booths and making new friends. We did quite a bit of shopping which I'll blog about in another entry. We watched a police dog demonstration, met Gibson, the world's tallest dog, and even saw a performance from Chalcy, the superstar dog.

Chalcy, the dog superstar, and his baby sister.

This guy needs a home...

I wish we could play.

I always wanted a kitty sibling. Someday, in the future...

Nice to meet you.


So, what's new?

You sure are fluffy.

Gibson, the world's tallest dog! I saw him on Oprah!

Nice booth you got here.

What are you?

You smell delicious.

Let me in!!!

Am I allowed to go potty in here???

The nice lady at the Planet Blue Dog booth gave me some yummy treats! She was so nice!

Nina bought me the cute squirrel toy from Planet Blue Dog. It's a rope chew toy that you soak in chicken broth and then freeze. It's a great frozen chew treat for your dog! I'll blog about this cool toy soon.

Doxie pins! Not really our style, but still, very cool! Nina may not like these pins, but it does not mean she's not into tacky dachshund collectibles - she's obsessed.

This cute yellow lab was being very patient while her owner shopped at one of the booths.

Hello, my fellow dachshund!

Well, I guess that's all from the the Pet Expo. Just so you know, there are pet expos going on everywhere. Everyone should go to one because they're so much fun!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Don't Leave Me!

Nina's illustration of how she and I look when she leaves me at home. I always make sure to give her my saddest puppy-dog eyes to make her feel guilty about leaving me. It works. Try it on your human!



*Stay-tuned for more helpful tips and tricks to use on your humans!

Monday, September 22, 2008

LA Adventure

Unfortunately, Nina forgot her camera on several occasions. Please blame her for the lack of photographic documentation of our travels and adventures in Los Angeles. The only time Nina did remember to bring her photo-box, was when we spent the day in Santa Monica. We walked down the Third Street Promenade and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway, through Santa Monica and up towards Malibu. The weather was beautiful. It's just too bad dogs aren't allowed on most beaches.

So pretty!

Is this supposed to be my close-up?

Margot rides safely in a crate while I get to sit in Nina's lap in the front seat!


Some pretty houses on the hill.

It's hot and sunny in Los Angeles.


Friday, September 19, 2008

University of California San Diego

The first part of our weekend in Southern California began with a long 10 hour drive down to San Diego. I helped Nina's younger cousin move into her dorm room at UCSD. The weather was hot with overcast skies - overall, it was very weird weather. I'm not used to this weather humans refer to as "humid".

After the long drive, lots of heavy lifting, walking, and sweating, we finally got to relax in the dorm room. By the way, NO PETS ALLOWED.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

California Road Trip

Nina and I take frequent trips to Southern California to visit Pony, Nina's older sister. This time, we're traveling all the way down to San Diego. We've never been there before and we'll be driving for 8+ hours to get there. The reason we're driving down to San Diego, is to help Nina's younger cousin move into the dorms at UC San Diego. After we help her move in, we're going to drive back up and stop in Los Angeles for the weekend.

Here's a map, to give you an idea of where we're going.

I'll make sure Nina takes lots of pictures of me during our trip. I guess we'll see you next week!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dog Food

I'm a very picky eater. I don't have any problems eating human food, but dog food is different. I've rejected several dog foods... Royal Canin, Science Diet, Iams, Nutro, you name it, I hate it. The only dog food I love is Wellness. Not only is it tasty, it's super healthy and made with quality and wholesome ingredients. Even with Wellness' Super 5 Mix food, I still have to eat it with a tablespoon of Wellness canned food mixed in. But now... Wellness came out with Super 5 Mix SMALL BREED - tasty and tiny triangular kibbles.

If you're looking for some quality food, try Wellness.

Bone Apetit,

Monday, September 1, 2008

For The Dogs

Nina recently got a job where she has to work longer hours. I wasn't used to her being gone for so long during the day that I've been pretty upset and lonely. Luckily, I am now allowed to go to work with her!

I needed a comfy bed to sleep and lounge in at work, so Nina bought me a new hoodie bed that I absolutely love! Being a dachshund, I love to burrow under blankets. This pita-pocket (or whatever you want to call it) bed is perfect for me!

It's so comfortable, I'm falling asleep in it already.


Before I forget, we got it from here.

Sleep tight,