Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Diggin' Dachshund

We spent most of our afternoon outside in the yard. I caught the scent of a small animal in the grass and started digging.

I not only use my paws to dig, I also use my mouth to chomp away chunks of grass and dirt. It tastes horrible.

I'm getting closer, I can smell success!

I'm just doing what I do best.

Gross dirt won't stop me from getting that gopher!

Where are you? Come out, come out!

Brody needs to leave me alone. He's too young to understand what's going on here.

I ended up with a mouth full of mud with grass stuck in my teeth. I will get him next time for sure!

Go for gopher,



Hi Franny and Zooey too!!

me was just reading what your favorite moives be and the Mommy starting laughing when she read The Ugly Dachshund on your list. she thought nobody had ever seen that movie but her. she would love someday to buy it somewhere

we used to have a foster named Bradley that tore up our whole backyard up digging...them pictures of you sure brought some memories back. He was with us for about 4 months before he got adopted. one day he caught & brought the Mommy a lizard that he had chewed in half. Yuke!! the Mommy wouldn't let him eat it either.

Love ya both lots & lots....Mona

Chloe said...

That looks like fun! I don't get to dig outside, but I do dig for badgers under Mom's pillows.