Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fort Funston

It was such a nice day that Nina and her brother took Brody and me to Fort Funston in San Francisco.

Catch me if you can, suckers!

This smells like... dog.

Where is everybody?

Look at that beautiful view of the California coast. I have to be careful not to accidently run off the cliff.

Doxie butts.

Brody's first time in sand. I wonder what he thinks of it.

Where does this go?

Brody, stop following me!

Oh! Hello...

Nice to meet you. I'm Franny.

Hey, where ya goin'?


Nina's brother's legs and me.

That's big Brody at 10lbs.


1 comment:

Nani said...

Franny, it looks like you had such a good time! I wish I could have gone with all of you.